How to Do Wet Jelqing

If you have a small male organ and have low self confidence on account of it, do not be disheartened; there are ways to enlarge your penis and give you satisfaction in sex like never before. Surgery is not the solution always as it often comes with ill effects, it is better that you try opting for the natural remedies to your problems.

The anatomy of the penis is quite simple and is composed of 3 chambers; the bottom chamber of the penis is called Corpus Spongisum, and this chamber is smaller than the other two chambers. This chamber controls ejaculation and urination in men. The remaining two chambers in the penis are called Corpora Cavernosa.

how to do wet jelq

Doing the wet jelq is just one of the ways for the enlargement of penis. This is somewhat similar to the leg and arm stretching exercises for increasing the size of your body. Wet jelq is second in popularity to the basic stretching for elongation of the male organ. Jelqing is also referred to as “milking” for the kind of milking motion in the exercise. The exercise is not difficult, but a beginner will require some amount of time to master the skills effectively.

Doing Wet Jelq

This is a natural penis enlargement technique that increases the size of the penis by making the surface area of the organ to stretch and as a result elongate. In an OK-grip, you have to hold your penis and start moving the grip in a way meant for milking, towards the head of the penis.

There is a step by step approach of doing this exercise for effective results and you need to follow the steps. If you are new to jelq exercise, then it will be a good idea to start with the wet jelq as it requires a lubricant making it easier to learn the exercise.

Start the activity with a warming up session and then apply a good amount of lubricant all over the penis. The following step is to use the forefinger and the thumb of the left hand for forming an OK-grip. You need to encircle the base of the penis with the grip of your hand. Now, you have to gently push the hand grip from your body towards your penis tip. At this state, your penis will be in a semi-hard condition and the blood circulation in your organ will be improved.

You have to keep encircling the penis at its base and gently push the grip towards the penis tip in this wet jelqing penis exercise. Your treatment on the penis has to be in a rhythmic manner as if you are milking a cow.

Some important things to keep in mind

It is important not to squeeze the base of the penis very hard as it may damage your organ by causing a cut off of the blood supply. The strokes that you apply will put pressure to the inside of the penis and cause a bit of swelling but will not harm the penis in any way.

Apart from increasing the length of your penis, you can also use the wet jelqing exercise for increasing the penis girth. For this, you have to hold your pubococcygeus muscle or the PC muscle when practicing the exercise for the purpose of increasing the blood flow to the tissues of the penis.

After repeated wet jelq sessions, if you are really comfortable, you can try out the dry jelq activity as well. It is recommended that you go for a few weeks of wet jelqing before shifting to dry jelqing. Dry jelqing requires no lubrication and it is very effective for increasing the girth of the male organ.

Remember the exercises need to be done in a gentle manner and never vigorously; go slow and be rhythmic in your manner. You can do wet jelqing twice a day; once in the morning and once before going to bed. At each session of the wet jelq exercise, you can devote around 15 minutes. It will take a bit of time before you start experiencing the results.

If you are obsessed about getting a bigger penis, here is your chance of giving it a try. You will definitely achieve results if you do wet jelq exercises the proper way. The increase in the size of penis will bring about a boost in your confidence level and help you become a better sex performer in bed; and you will love to see the satisfaction on your partner’s face.

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