Phallosan Forte Review – Does It Work?

Phallosan extender system is a new penis extender made in Germany.

It is known for its innovative design that may deliver comfort while helping to increase girth and length of the penis. It is to be used at least 1 hour daily consistently for over one month to notice any improvement in length, girth, and erection.PHALLOSAN® forte review

Having a member of greater length and thickness without going through painful treatments or surgery is the ideal situation every man wants.

The goal is to find a convenient, discreet, and easy-to-use method that can deliver permanent results.

So can Phallosan extender be the answer?

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What is Phallosan Forte? What are the promises?

If you have been reading up on male enhancement device or happen to own one, you will know that Phallosan Forte is a little different from its competitors. Well, at least by judging from the look of it.

According to the advertisers, it is a device developed to naturally increase both length and girth of the penis using the principle of traction and muscle training of penis.

This one emphasizes on comfort and its innovative design and state-of-art materials that gives you extra comfort while providing good pressure with excellent protection.

This penis extender allegedly is also said to also correct penile curvature (Peyronie’s disease).

This is done by stretching to the opposite side of the deviation. It is also very beneficial for men suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Phallosan – How it works

PHALLOSAN® forte Penis Extender

According to the producer, the principle of how it works is a very old natural method that provides excellent results.

It is documented that the principle has been used for centuries in some tribes to enlarge lips, earlobe or lengthen the neck of women. The procedure is consisting of a continuous stretching of the penis.

This process takes place with the use of Phallosan’s vacuum protector system over time the penis may grow in length and thickness in a progressive manner.

Men who have small penises and are unable to maintain a satisfying sexual relationship may gain the several benefits from using this device daily.

It is said to progressively increase penis length and girth through his method of traction and are able to have intercourse.

For those of us who happen to have normal-sized members, this extender may be used to increase size and confidence as well as help with ejaculation control.


The truth is that…

A good penis size affects your confidence very positively. Your partner might not tell you this but a good-sized, straight-shaped penis does count as one of the plus points when it comes to being a good lover.


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Buy  Phallosan forte today and receive 4 extra sleeve condoms (1s,2m,1L) worth over 100 Euros!

Using a medically-approved penis extender can really make a difference!

The device is also indicated to correct penile curvature (Peyronie’s disease), performing stretching to the opposite side of the deviation, a correction can be obtained with permanent satisfying results. It is also very beneficial for men who have mild erectile dysfunction.

Stretching as a principle for the generation of new cells

The human body has the capacity to generate new cells when a stimulus is applied continuously.

This mechanism was originally recognized by tribal peoples used and purpose of worship. For example, it was used and is still used to enlarge lips, earlobes, and penises.

Science people back this up

Extension works as a new principle of cell formation

  • Modern medicine uses skin stretching synthetically, for example, to create layers of skin in skin transplants.
  • It is also used in the case of a removal of breasts, using a so-called “expander” to create space for future breast prostheses.
  • The effectiveness of this penis extender has been scientifically proven since 2004.
  • In 2005, Phallosan extender was mentioned in the most important global scientific journal of urology in relation to the topic of penis enlargement.
  • In 2009 it was mentioned in relation to the issue of penile deviation.

how to use phallosan extender

Is it safe, painless, easy to use?

The device comes with comforting accessories;

  • The protective cap – The protective cap is an ultra-soft silicone cap that gives absolute safety in the use. It wraps around the glans and foreskin, protecting them from the friction providing safety and comfort.
  • The Sleeve-condom – This is used to protect your glans from overexposure to the latex. The material is non-allergenic as it is made from medical-grade silicone.
  • The orthopedic stretching belt –This extremely elastic, non-allergenic, and formaldehyde-free belt can fit well with any size. Because of its elastic material, the belt can easily follow the body’s movements without loosening.

With these three accessories, Phallosan is easy to wear with an undergarment.

True, you might have seen this claim somewhere else before. But unlike other products that claim to do that, this one can actually be worn comfortably undergarment without making you look like a creep with a hard-on in public places.

The company claims to use only excellent top-quality ultra-soft silicone that has been specially chosen for the implementation of this product. This will prevent the penis from getting any swelling, redness or blisters.

With that said, use the extender as guided in the instruction.

Excessive use is not going to get you the desired results faster.

It is best to NOT use longer than 12 hours per day. Consistency is the key.

Warranty and verification

  • Phallosan ® forte is CE stamp depicting the EC Council Directive 93/42/EEC. The device also meets the standards EN 980, EN ISO 14971 and EN ISO 10993-1. The product has been manufactured according to the medical requirements of the European medical authorities. The materials needed for manufacturing are easy to carry and its biocompatibility has been proven. The textile belt provided is also free of formaldehyde.
  • The device can be used up to 12 hours without pain, and it can also be worn during the night.
  • Through the pressure exerted on the bottom of the suction bell, a possible slippage of the glands is prevented. The pressure also increases the size of the glands considerably.
  • The force exerted pressure can be dosed on an ongoing basis on the belt.
  • Cleaning of the components is quite simple. A detailed user guide with an excellent picture is attached. All components of the belt can be purchased separately. Folding closures enable easy and comfortable change.
  • The new developed protective layer protects the glans and foreskin too much pressure that can cause swelling and redness.
  • This exerts a gentle pressure on the skin surface, comparable with an average compression or pressure suit with a jet pilot . The force absorption can be increased which will accelerate success only .


The pros and cons of this penis extender

Phallosan forte glider


  • For many people,  Phallosan is still on the pricey side. It costs US$ 370 plus shipping. With that said, compared to many popular extenders, this is still a reasonable price.
  • There are no spare parts other than the penis cap sleeve and the outer sleeve that goes on the belt for sale.


  • It can REALLY be worn comfortably and invisibly undergarment.
  • Medical grade silicone allows more comfort and preventing of friction that normally would cause blisters. This allows you to wear it up to 8-12 hours for maximum effect.
  • Phallosan Forte allows tension of 3000g which exceeds what most extenders on the market can do (2000g)
  • It seems to comfortably and effectively increase penis length after 1 month of using, even in the flaccid state. Average users grow around 1-2 inches after 3 months of using.
  • Stronger and longer erections are the earliest positive signs that it is working for you.


phallosan forte reviews


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  • It’s the only place you get the 2-year warranty
  • It is the only place you can be sure you’re getting the genuine product and not the cheap replica

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