Penomet Review – The Award-winning Penis Pump

Buy PenometIf you have been looking around the internet or reading my blog for awhile you might have come across Penomet water pump. It’s no surprise that this pump is gaining more reputation by the days since its release. It has won multiple prestigious awards and recognition and that’s why this device is mentioned across the male enhancement communities across the globe.

In this Penomet review, you will find out all the things you need to know before making a buying decision. And here are the highlights;

  • What is Penomet?
  • What is its function? How is it supposed to work?
  • What are the claims?
  • Users’ Reviews and My Own Experience
  • Any precautions?
  • Where to buy the pump and get special discount?

What Is Penomet?

Simply put, it is a penis pump meant to be used with water for maximum comfort and effectiveness. When a pump is designed to used with water like Penomet, allegedly it can greatly reduce the pressure and friction that can lead to pain or injuries.

What Does It Claim To Do?

  • Decrease and prevent impotence
  • Decrease and prevent premature ejaculation
  • Reverse the effects of Peyronie’s Disease
  • Increase your sexual stamina
  • Potentially lengthen your penis and increase the girth
  • Give you a more satisfying sex life and improve the quality of your orgasms

The pump uses the water-assisted pressure to create the gap between the penile tissues allowing more blood flow and hence increased sensitivity of the penis. It claims to also help straighten curved penis (Peyronie’s Disease) and when used overtime, it can potentially lengthen the penis as well.

How does the pump work?

This water-assisted penis pump comes with the unique gaiter system that separates it from its competitors. The pressure created using the gaiters for 15 minutes per session creates gap between cells and penis tissues.

This supposedly makes it easy for new cells to generate and makes it easy for the existing penile tissues to get strengthened.

Different gaiters (and their colors indicating the level of force) provide maximum effectiveness and comfort. With the gaiters you can change the power of the Penomet, so you can start at any size and will still be able to use the pump. And as you advance you just need to switch to another gaiter, instead of buying a new pump.

Penomet gaiters

When you buy the Penomet standard program, the  purple, blue and black gaiters are already supplied in that package. The grey and red gaiters are sold separately.


Users’ Reviews and My Own Experience

penomet award winning products


At this point you probably wonder if anyone has seen real success, improvement, or growth after using Penomet right? The following Penomet reviews and testimonials should give you an idea of what you can expect…

“I had tried all the pills and stretching equipment I could find online and nothing seemed to work. The only result I got was making my cock sore after all the stretching. When I tried the Penomet however I was amazed to see immediate gains after the first use. I have been using it for 3 months now, and I have already added half an inch in permanent gains!”  – Charles E. ~ London, United Kingdom

Does Penomet Really Work?

People from many popular male enhancement forums and communities online have given rather positive feedback on the product. Matters of Size is one of the forums where people not only say that the pump works great, but they are very pleased with the Penomet customer service as well. So far I haven’t found many people complaining anything about the device.

penomet customer testimonials

There are some who have recently given the pump a try and haven’t seen the results. But many of the ones that have seen great improvement all said the same thing, it does take a little while to get it working properly and then you will see the growth in both length and girth. In fact, many are very impressed with what they get.

Some people have actually said that not only does the device work when you get around to it, it actually gives users rather nice sensation. This is a big plus because most male enhancement devices on the market are rather uncomfortable. And since you’re going to be wearing it quite some time, you might just well use something you can actually enjoy, right?

What I think about the product

For one thing, I have to say that I’ve been quite skeptical when it comes to water pumps or any kind of penis enlargement pump actually. But I couldn’t resist giving this one a try as it has been mentioned positively in many communities. What I found out after 2 month trial;

– It feels like my girth is increased although not very much. The right-after results are quite amazing. But according to the guys on Matter of Size, it still does require some time to make it a permanent growth.

– It is more comfortable than many other devices. Having said that, it takes a bit of time to get the hang of it to make it stick to the penis and make the whole process hand-free.

So in a nutshell, I do like this product and I would recommend the beginners to give it a try. It is more comfortable and easy to user than many other products and in conjunction with a good male enhancement pills, you can really be on your way to having the ideal penis you’ve always dreamt of.

The 1 year warranty makes it easier for you to decide. After all, you’ll never know if you really like the product unless you give it a try and see it for yourself.

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Where To Buy Penomet Pump And Get The Best Deal?

Penomet penis pump

I know you’re probably tempted to buy one off one of those auction sites or small e-commerce shops. I personally recommend that it is best to buy from the official website for several reasons;

  • You definitely get the best price. They are offering discount with selected package right now there.
  • It’s the only place you get the full customer support. It’s very important as sometimes you need to change the gaiters or if you want to track your order.
  • It’s the only place with the money back guarantee. Yes you’re getting one full year to try it out and if you don’t like it you can have your money back.

So definitely the official website of Penomet is the only way to go. That is one sure way you know you get what you paid for.


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