The Best Penis Workout Guides – Find out What Works and What Doesn’t

If you happen to be one of many men who look up ways to increase the size of their penises, there are a lot of ways to go about it. Penis exercise seems to be one of the methods that many people have tried and seen results with.

Penis Enhancement Exercise Guides

What are penis exercises?

These exercises have been specifically created to target the male organ and increase it in length, girth and hardness. These exercises are not only great for people who desire to increase the penis size, but it is also good for those who just want to enhance their sex life through better stimulation or prevent premature ejaculations.

Even if you are satisfied with the size of your penis, there are still a lot of great tips on how to improve your sex life for both you and your partners.

The results you can expect (how long does it takes, how much bigger does it get?)

The problem is that there are a lot of sites and people out there that will take advantage of your insecurity and sell you stuff that won’t work. They usually promise extremely easy and fast ways to increase penis size through various methods. What you need to make peace with is that these things take time. That is if you want some noticeable results. But it doesn’t require years after years, it will take some months and not within days.

Penis enlargement exercise can be time consuming if you don’t know what you’re doing. Like any other form of exercise, it takes time and dedication to see results so be patient and continue with the practice. If you truly want to see a permanent difference, you have to devote yourself to it.

After all this is your penis we are talking about. It surely deserves your time and dedication and the reward will be well worth it. Failing to do it correctly and you might also develop temporary erectile dysfunction or other problems.

What information most male enhancement guides contain?

The male enhancement guides usually provide information on the anatomy of the male organ, the specific areas you must target for different reasons, diagrams and pictures of male enhancement exercises and videos showing you how to perform them.

All guides vary and some features in one guide might not be included in another and vice versa. In addition, some guides provide proof of results or expert opinions and reviews. The main differences between different guides are the quality of the guide itself, the quality of the writing and whether or not they include more detailed information.

A good guide that’s easy to understand should include simple anatomy lessons prior to teaching different exercises. Most of the guides offer previews or other ways to know what information they include to help you get a picture of what you can learn (if the lessons are practical and helpful to your situations). Peer reviews also help determine their quality and their success. Here is a free male enhancement guide to get you started (link)).

What to think about when searching for male enhancement guide?

Making the decision to buy a specific guide is tough because people that have never tried any of this stuff before might be overwhelmed at the amount of information. However, you must simply learn to distinguish established and good quality guides from the ones that are scams.

  • Using common sense is an obvious factor; just treat these guides like you would treat any other information products. Do they offer value? Can they identify your problems?
  • Another very important thing to look out for is whether or not the guide offers a money guarantee. Scams usually do not offer a guarantee as the authors know they do not work and do not want to lose any money.
  • If you are unsure about what to do you can always ask on forums or contact the authors themselves to find out more information. People that include contact information on their websites and actually reply to the e-mails are obviously more trustworthy than those who do not.
  • Proofs of results – Comments on the sites are a difficult subject to discuss. Some of them might be true and honest while others might not be. You should look for more concrete facts like proof of results. However, when you see a photoshopped picture of a larger penis, do not always believe they are genuine results or real proofs. Real proof of results is usually academic reviews of the guides or the products they use.
  • In addition, a huge amount of positive feedback is another way to evaluate trustworthy content. It is generally very difficult to choose a correct guide and that is the reason you should look for people that offer refunds. That way, even if the guide is not for you or the information did not help you, you have nothing to lose but time.

Top 4 Penis Enlargement Guides

There are some 4 guides that are already popular and I will provide a short description for each one. The common thing that these guides share is that they fulfill all the aspects of a true guide and a refund guarantee. They do not promise fast results and they do not talk about pills, surgery or other scam products that promise to enhance your penis in size and pleasure out of thin air. In addition, they all provide testimonials; however, they should be taken with a grain of salt.

PenisHealth: The most prominent feature of this guide is that it boasts medical proof. Other things included in the guide are basic and advanced exercises, videos with complete voice over detailing the exercises and the way to perform them, pictures explaining how to correctly measure penis length and width as well as an online logbook that provides the ability to keep track of your progress. It also has one of the best money back guarantees, with an impressive 6 month period. They state that if anything does not go how it should go within 6 months, they will simply refund your money.

Erection Fitness Program: This is a simple but sufficient guide with a big range of exercises, both basic and more complex. It also provides very detailed information on the anatomy of the male organ. This helps users understand what they are doing as well as how and why these exercises help with what they are trying to achieve.

Penis Advantage: One more guide that also provides detailed pictures and online videos regarding the exercises. They also provide tips on making a schedule for the exercises as well as a constant reminder to its users that it takes a lot of time and dedication to achieve results.

Penis Enlargement Bible: This is perhaps the most detailed of the guides. It is divided into seven chapters, each detailing a different aspect. Some chapters will include information on increasing the size while other sections provide a comprehensive list of alternative medicine herbs for people that follow such ways. It also addresses some problems related to penile dysfunction and how they are usually treated.

In conclusion, there are a lot of ways out there for male enhancement. Whether you want to simply increase the size of your penis or you want to maintain better and harder erections, you can find tons of information online if you know where to look and use your common sense to avoid obvious scams. Always keep in mind that results come with very hard work and dedication but you should never overdo it. Creating problems where none existed is the main issue when using these exercises so use caution.

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