Do Penis Pumps Work?

There are now dozens of penis pumps on the market, of varying quality and feature sets. Some are very basic, whilst others have been developed to use the most cutting edge research and technology. Not all penis pumps are created equal however, and it is certainly in a man’s best interests to find one that is not only effective in allowing him to enhance his penis, but one that provides a safe and comfortable experience that does not pose any health and safety risks.

But do penis pumps actually work? The goal of a pump is to provide both short and long term benefits for the penis and for a man’s sexual performance. The short term benefit is to increase the size and duration of an erection just before sex. The long term reason for using penis pumps is to enhance the overall size of the penis, as well as to increase the firmness that a man experiences when he has an erection.

Are They Safe?

Most penis pumps are safe for most men. However some men, according to their health status, may be at greater risk of potential complications when using a penis pump, and should therefore avoid using one without instructions from their physician. Healthy men on the other hand are simply advised to seek out the best designed pump they can find. While penis pumps are normally safe when used correctly, some of the poorly designed ones can pose a significant risk. It is wise to be aware of what makes a good penis pump, and what you should be avoiding when you are in the market for one.

Risks of Penis Pumps for Men with Health Concerns – Bleeding or Blood Clots

This is mostly a risk for men who are either taking medications that thin the blood, like warfarin or over the counter aspirins. Or if the person is suffering from a blood disorder like sickle cell anemia. These men should generally not use a penis pump without consulting first with their doctor and there is a risk of both bleeding or blood clot formation as a result of using the device.

Some vacuum style penis pumps can actually pose a significant health and safety risk to a man. Although each product is designed differently, many take a very aggressive approach and focus on the maximum results that can be achieved with the pump, rather than the comfort and safety of it.

What are some of the risks that poorly designed or misused penis pumps can post to a man?

It is of vital importance that a penis pump is used according to its directions, and not used in a manner that puts your health at risk. Some of the problems that may occur with men who do not use a pump correctly, or who use a poorly designed penis pump, can include a condition called petechiae, which is when there are little red spots that have formed due to bleeding under the skin surface. Additionally, some pain or bruising can occur if the device is not used according to its instructions, or used excessively.

One complaint that some men have about penis pumps that may not be designed in the best way is that they can cause a strange sensation during erections. It may be that the erection feels unnatural, or lack hardness at the base. Using a high quality and well designed penis pump however, can significantly reduce and virtually eliminate these possible risks and side effects.

So what are the benefits of using a penis pump?

A good penis pump should provide multiple advantages for a man. Their goal is to allow a man to achieve stronger, and longer lasting erections. Additionally, most penis pumps have been designed to encourage the penis to grow in size, which should become noticeable when it is erect. This is done by encouraging more blood flow to be accommodated in the penis itself by growing the penis tissue.

Once a man becomes happier with his penis, there are some second level benefits such as a considerable boost to the self confidence of the man. Once a man knows that his penis will be able to perform as he wants it to, his self esteem with women can rise considerably. This has a positive impact on relationships and the overall health and happiness of not only the man, but his partner or partners as well.

Whether a penis pump works depends upon a man’s willingness to use it correctly according to its directions and of course, which penis pump is chosen. Using a high quality, safe pump has the potential to have a very positive impact on the appearance of the penis, as well as on the self esteem and sex life of a man and his partner.

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