Are Penis Extenders The Secret To A Longer And Thicker Penis?

If you have always felt a little inadequate about the size of your penis, you might have read or heard about penis extenders as a way extending your member. Many men make the mistake of believing that there is no solution to penis size.

Many believe falsely that nature has determined their size and it is just something that they have to accept.

Well, I am here to congratulate you for not buying into that lie.

Penile Extender Reviews

The truth is that there is a way to grow the size of your penis. There are many effective ways to help you increase the size of your penis and improve your sexual prowess, give you the size and girth that you have always dreamed of.

Penis extenders are one of the many helping hands and they do exactly what they are named; extend the size of your penis safely, and effectively.

How Do Penis Extenders Work?

Simply put, penis extenders work by stretching the penile tissue, forcing it to rebuild itself. When this happens the tissue continues to grow around the penis which extends the size of it.

how do penis extenders workTraction is a way of applying continuous pressure around the penis. It has been perfected and found its place as a useful way to heal post operatively for many different body parts and functions. This technique is a practice that is not only safe, it is effective.

Used for important surgeries and procedures such as skin grafting and mastectomy, it is a proven process that has approval of experts in the medical field.

When the tissue of the penis is stretched, it allows spaces between the cells of the penis. In these spaces, the tissue begins to rebuild by growing. The spaces are then filled in with new cell growth. What that means in practical terms is that your penis will grow in overall length.

It isn’t like a cream or a lotion that works by increasing blood flow that gives the temporary of growth in girth or length, this technique will actually promote cell rejuvenation which brings about the difference in size.


Do Penile Extenders Work And Are They Safe?

The answer to that question is yes, and no. There are many different types of extenders and manufacturers on the market.

Unfortunately, not all of them have your best interest at heart.

The truth is good penis extenders will work effectively and give you the results that you want. While the cheap replicas you find on dodgy sites can do more harm than good.

Scientific research has proven that penis extenders which work as they are intended will actually grow the length of a penis permanently when used over a period of time.

By using a good extender correctly, the results can be quite impressive and it can be done safely.

The important thing is to do a thorough research of what extenders people use to have success. The information is available on the internet whether it’s on a trusted website or on penis enlargement communities or forums.

Invest In A Good Traction Device

Good penis extenders or the quality ones should be constructed with strong and durable raw materials. This is to reduce the potential that they could break, or not work the way that they should.

If the pressures contained within the extender are not held constant, or at a safe level, you can run the risk of doing potential damage to your penis.

Materials which can corrode can also cause potential problems. For some penis extenders, it is possible for the pieces to rust and when that happens the risk of infection might be the issue.

What You Should Look For In Penis Stretcher

When looking for the best penis extenders there are many things to consider;

  • Finding one that has the proven technology to substantiate the claims made is important.
  • Reading reviews by not only the experts, but by those who have actually used the product is a good idea.
  • Finding one that uses the best quality materials may mean a bigger price for the product, but will guarantee better results and safe ones. There are those which have the reputation have been on the market for a long time with reason, because they work.
  • There will always be imitations and cheaper versions, but when dealing with something as important and sensitive as your penis, do you really want to take a chance?
  • Reading penis extender reviews (and many of them) is a good way to choice the best one for you.
  • Be mindful when reading them that you understand who is writing the review. Many reviews are no more than advertisements in disguise. Knowing who is reviewing the product is the best way to determine the validity of the information contained within it. An impartial source, or a user of the product itself, is always going to provide the most credible source of review.

The Top 5 Penis Extenders On The Market

  • SizeGenetics

Sizegenetics penis extender systemIt promises to extend the size of your penis by inches. Claiming to be the device which is used by medical professionals it guarantees results in 6 months or will return your money no questions asked. Not only does it promise to grow your penis size, it also claims to increase the strength of your erections, and to aid in the correction of any genetic curvatures. Being able to control your ejaculation is another of the benefits to use, which will increase your overall male competency. Read a full SizeGenetics review here…

  • Jes Extender

Jes Extender Platinum Penis ExtenderThe company claims to be the number one penis extender on the market, it has the greatest construction of penis extender lines available. Used by experts in the field, it has an additional set of 1/2 inch elongation bars to increase the size of your penis larger than any other product. Invented by doctors, the device has been in operation since 1995, and used by doctors and urologists. It has a 200% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. The average user is said to gain 28% more length to their penis size. Read a full Jes Extender review here…

  • ProExtender

Pro Extender for PenisThis one has been in practice since 1994. Tested by many experts in the field, it claims to not only extend size but to increase girth and to correct any crooked penis abnormalities you may have. They are so sure about their product, they offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not pleased within 6 months of use. A complete system, it is one of the best penis extenders on the market.  Check out the official website for more info...

  • Male Edge

Male Edge Penis Extender SystemThe company makes the claim that you can increase your penis size on the average by 28%. Not only in length, you can increase the girth of your penis by an additional 19%. Comfortable and safe to use, it is one of the best products on the market. Because they are so sure it will work, they offer a double money back guarantee if you are not happy with the results. There is also a two year warranty attached to use, as well as a resale shop for those who have found the results, and no longer need it. Read a full Male Edge review here…

  • Phallosan

Phallosan Penis ExtenderIt claims to be able to grow the size of your penis with patented technology and an entire growth system. Not only guaranteeing to grow size and girth, it can also be used to straighten and correct any curvatures of the penis. Constructed from the highest quality materials, it is a preferred brand by physicians. Read a full Phallosan review here…


If you are looking to get the length and girth size penis that you have always wanted, there is a viable option. Penis extenders have been proven to work, scientifically, with lasting results. Unlike creams and lotions, it gives you the results that are real and lasting. Making sure to chose the best one is not only important for effectiveness, but for safety reasons as well.

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