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It’s not a surprise that many men suffer the embarrassment and torment associated with erection problems (Erectile Dysfunction ) during their lives.

The other large part of men also feels the need to improve the size, the performance or their control over the ejaculation.  That’s where Male Extra comes into the picture.

Male Extra is completely natural, incredibly effective and is available for purchase without a prescription.

What does Male Extra allegedly do?

Some people refer to the product as  ” The Natural Viagra”. The claimed benefits are;

  •     Improve blood flow to the penis
  •     Get bigger and harder erections
  •     Maintain erections longer
  •     Know more intense ejaculations

The ingredients of the product;

  • Pomegranate 40% ellagic (natural aphrodisiac available only in Male Extra pills, and no others of its kind)
  • L-Arginine; amino acid that produces nitric oxide, which is responsible for erections
  • MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) (100mg) increases blood flow when combined with other ingredients, it is also known to rejuvenate cells.
  • Creatine – source of energy production
  • Cordyceps (25mg) – Chinese herbs known to increase libido and virility
  • Zinc (45mg) – improves sperm health

Male Extra contains clinically proven ingredients that , around the globe, accumulating a set of proven centuries.

” Improve your manhood , the performance of your penis and your sex life “


Its main active ingredients are :

  • Pomegranate 70% ellagic – Grenada has been rightfully called “The Natural Viagra ” by its similarity to the latter. The company allegedly claims that in each Male Extra capsule contains the equivalent of 500 bottles of concentrated juice. Scientific evidence has shown that Male Extra contributes to the hardness of erection and provide effective support to the difficulties of erection. Studies have shown that Grenada increases Nitric Oxide (NO) involved in maintaining the health of your blood vessels.
  • L- Arginine – In addition to being one of the building blocks of proteins in the human body, L- Arginine has demonstrated its ability to grow, to achieve erections and maintain stamina in men. It has also been proven for its ability to increase libido and intensity of sexual feelings in men and women. There have been numerous clinical studies conducted worldwide on the effect of L- Arginine on male sexual performance.ingredients-in-male-extra-pills
  • Tongkat Ali – aka the ” Asian Viagra ” in a report published in May 1999 in the Sunday Times, Tongkat Ali has had a high level of success in increasing sexual desire, libido, sexual performance and to treat erectile dysfunction in the Asian world for centuries . Tongkat Ali appears to work by increasing levels of testosterone which is the hormone
    responsible for creating sexual desire, increased stamina , maintaining the energy levels, mood, and fertility.

All these are nutrients available in food. Generally, we would be able to obtain these nutrients from food, providing that we eat extremely healthy. But let’s be honest to ourselves here that most of us just don’t have the discipline and the time to always think about what we eat.

That’s where Male Extra comes in. After all, it is a supplementary product that promotes better health. The improved sexual performance is just the bonus.

Incubationer LTD

Back to the question if it’s safe to everyone. Like you and I, we all have our weaknesses so it’s only fair to say that not 100% of people will react positively to all the ingredients. It is generally safe for majority of us. But there could be someone in the 0.09% of all people who might be allergic to Pomegranate. Again, that’s just a random premis.

It is generally safe for majority of us. But there could be someone in the 0.09% of all people who might be allergic to Pomegranate. Again, that’s just a random premis.

What else is unique about Male Extra?enjoy-harder-erections-and-better-sex-with-male-extra

Another essential element of Male Extra and something no other enlargement product offers, is the inclusion of PenisHealth.

PenisHealth is the hugely popular exercise system that you can use in combination with the pills to potentially enlarge your penis and enhance your erections.

The expected results can be more than 6 inches in length and 3 inches in circumference. It does this while helping to solve the problem of premature ejaculation and increasing the power of the penis.

How Does Male Extra Work

416c65faf7c2292e248ad9998d14b1cbThe penis is a very sensitive part of the body – in order for it to function properly during erections, it needs a good blood supply.

The rate and amount of blood supply are the key factors that determine the size, firmness and durability of your erection.

” My penis became harder and more efficient”

During the past six years, I found it increasingly difficult to have a complete and lasting erection. The middle of sex, very often my penis suddenly became soft as 60% of the time I was unable to recover. Fortunately my wife is patient, but this has affected my confidence in myself. I’ve heard of Male Extra from a buddy at work and I thought I had nothing to lose but only try the product. The difference this dual action system has made to my erections is incredible. Systems of penile exercises in particular have helped me train my penis, harden my erections and triple my sexual performance ”

– Philippe Reagon , Male Extra customer

The Male Extra system is based on 3 steps to ensure success :

  • Take 3 tablets per day
  • Match with the Penis Health exercise program : This program consists of a series of exercises specifically made to improve health and strength of the penis, which will harden your erections .
  • Then begin to enjoy the benefits provided by this product that you get a better libido and greater performance.

3 steps with Male Extra Pills

How long does it take to see results?

By combining Male Extra and exercises recommended by the Penis Health program tablets, you should see results after a month.

Male Extra contains the best natural sources to promote a powerful blood flow to your penis and help you achieve an erection that is hard as iron similarly to the effects from Viagra.

Unlike MaleExtra, Viagra is only provided on prescription. Moreover, on the basis of chemical, it is impossible to obtain without a prescription and can cause significant side effects .

Male Extra is naturally made available without a prescription.

With that said, the question still remains …

‘Is Male Extra safe for everyone?’

And the answer is ‘no’.


This is a basic protocol for everyone who have existing health conditions to always talk to your doctors prior to taking any type of supplementary products. Those with heart conditions, liver or kidney problems definitely should speak with your doctors prior to using any supplements.

ALWAYS buy from the official website. I cannot stress this enough but it’s never worth it to try to save a few bucks and buy from some shady sites. This is your health, your life, your body we are talking about.

Always buy from the official website to make sure you get the genuine product to enjoy the maximum benefits of Male Extra pills.

Where to Buy Male Extra Pills?

You know all the great things about this product. You simply can’t wait to get your hands on the program and start improving your sex life with it. But wait, before you go off to the nearest pharmacy, let me tell you that you won’t find it there. Why? The answer to that question is the genuine products can only be bought at their official website.

Moreover, there are several other reasons why you should buy from the official website only;buy-male-extra-pills-with-money-back-guarantee

  • There are many shady sites that are built to sell you some replicas. Don’t be the victim to those guys. They know you want the best deal. They are there to take advantage of this.
  • It’s a supplement; something you take into your body. Don’t put yourself at risk. The scammy guys might be selling you something that might put your health at risk. Or the products they sell might pass the expiry dates.
  • The official website is the only place you can get the genuine products at the best price with bonuses. There is a selection of different packages you can choose. If you are a beginner, I recommend you stay with the same program for at least 6 months to obtain substantial growth.
  • The official website gives you the confidence with their satisfaction or your money back guarantee. This is for 90 days and if you find anything you don’t like about the product, you can get your money back. This is how much they know you’d love what they have to offer.

How much does Male Extra cost?

You can choose one of the different offered packages;

  • One month supply of Male Extra Pills (with PenisHealth Program) costs USD$62.95.
  • If you buy a 3-month package, you will get one extra month for free plus one month of Performer5 Semen Enhancer.
  • If you are really serious with this and want to obtain permanent substantial results while saving over USD 100 in the process, you can choose the biggest packages (buy 4-month supply and get 2-month supply for free). Plus you will get one box of Performer5 Semen Enhancer + one bottle of Instant Erection Gel.

All these great offers are only available on the official website!

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