Male Edge Review – Does The Penis Extender Work?

Male Edge penis extender is one of the best-selling extenders on the market. The nice design in discreet, yet stylish packaging definitely catches people’s attention. But we’re not buying the extender to carry around so people can see what we’re using, do we? It’s certainly cheaper than its competitors, which is another plus. But does that mean it’s worth the buy?

Before we find out that, let’s talk about the concept of how a penis extender works…

What is a penis extender and how does it work?

A penis enlargement extender is a cosmetic device based on the drive system to increase the size of the penis. This process is also used in other medical areas such as lengthening of bone or in conjunction with a plastic surgery.

Traction Principle

Historically it has been proven that the body adapts to the stress. The drive principle is based on the principle of the tensile strength and the body’s ability to adapt to the impact.

Traction causes tissues to develop, which magnifies the proportions to be broader. The corpora cavernosa chamber in the penis is what is responsible for the erections. The theory is, the more blood facilitated and stored during erections promotes growth of the suspensory ligament, the columns of erectile tissue and the rest of penile tissues.

With that said, too much pressure applied can cause discomfort or irreversible damage. One way to make sure to not put too much stress on the penis is to use a quality extender. The reason for that is that the cheap parts, unregulated devices can cause pain and discomfort in addition to not produce any result.

The results and benefits you can expect from a penis extender:

  • Lengthening and thickening of the erect penis
  • Improving sexual potency and relationships
  • It is used to treat the Peyronie’s disease syndrome
  • Produces a natural and healthy tissue growth
  • Comfortable, healthy and natural alternative to surgery
  • Increase the size and thickness flaccid
  • Essential for postoperative genital area
  • Use 100% natural techniques for penis enlargement

How Male Edge work?

Male Edge seems rather easy to use. Its producer’s intention is to make it painless and undetectable under garment. The claims are to increase both length and girth of the penis.

The action is in traction

Allegedly, the extender uses traction to guide the natural ability of the human body to change and develop under physical influence. Exposing a particular part of your body to constant stretch, the cells in the area begin to divide and multiply, thus increasing the tissue mass. Accordingly, elongation occurs in both the length and width (thickness) of the penis.

It is said that this method has been used by various different cultures; this natural principle has been used over the centuries to develop or extend various body parts.

Available in 3 models

There are 3 different models of Male Edge so choose the one you like.

A plastic ring designed specifically around the penis is placed. There are a plastic clip, a protective foam ring, and a rubber grip that fit around the penis head. Between the ring and the holder, there are two dynamic rods voltage ranging between 1,200 and 2,800 grams. The user can easily adjust the strain. The extender has been said to fit all penises of any sizes.

It can also be used at night, although it may become loose if you move during sleep or during a nightly erection. We recommend using the protective pad or any other protective measures for the use of the extender at night. After some practice, the application of device takes less than a minute.

The company also states that the treatment has no side effects, does not affect urination, erection or fertility and lengthening is permanent.

Male Edge USA Customer Testimonials,

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! My wife must have told me a million times “I like you just the way you are”. Funny enough though, now that I am no longer how I was, not one complaint. I am one of the lucky ones that seemed to start showing gains after the first week and things haven’t slowed down since. My wife and I have never been closer. One of the best decisions I ever made, just wish I had done it when I was about 20 years old.

You only live once, make the most of it!”

Jessie O., 53 years old

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

“I was a little worried that some of my progress would be lost as I took a trip to Europe for three weeks on business. I elected to leave it at home as I was to be in and out of airports/train stations nearly every day and wanted to save the embarrassment of setting off some kind of detector or something and having to pull it out in front of people. In hind sight I was being a little over cautious. The good news though, the results stayed. I thought for sure not wearing it for that long would cause some loss in the initial gains. Not the case. It has been another month since my trip and I wear it religiously. I wear a suit to work everyday and there is no way anyone could ever tell it is on underneath.

Closing in on my goal of 7 1/2 inches! not bad considering I was about 6 1/4 when I started . Thank you again,”

Jerry C.

Fremont, California

When and for how long should you use it?

The Male Edge can be used any time of the day, whether it is at work (yes, they claim it is invisible under garment) or in your free time, depending on your activities. The total number of hours to use the Male Edge traction applied and determine treatment outcome. No need to use the Male Edge for a long uninterrupted time to obtain results.

Male Edge comes standard with the following accessories:

  • 1 Instructional DVD1 Measuring ruler
  • 2 Rubber clamps
  • 1 Travel Bag
  • 1 protective foam

Personal Experience with Male Edge Extender

First of all, it is not my first male enhancement device. But I had stopped using other methods two weeks before I tested this one out.

If this is the first time you are learning about penis extenders, here’s a clear picture of where the device goes on your penis.

The device is attached with its base sitting on your pelvis and the end of the device goes on the end of the penis. The base and the end of the device are connected with a spring and the spring stretches you work the device bit by bit but continuously.

You can adjust the length of the device fitting and the tension as you go. My first time is 1600g for an hour. As I said this is not my first extender. But if you’re a first timer it is best to start at 1200g.

Don’t worry. If this sounds a bit unclear, you’ll see what I mean when you watch the instruction DVD.

My Male Edge results after one month of testing this device

It is nice to have a longer hanging flaccid penis… But it’d be great to see it longer and thicker when I have a hard on as well. I think it works but after one month it has not gotten me to where I’d like to be just yet. But my penis is definitely hanging longer at flaccid state. This counts as a progress.

In terms of comfort, it was possible to wear the device out under loose baggy pants. I can’t say it is the most comfortable thing to have on while you walk around the mall. I got pretty self-conscious whether people would notice. But as it turned out, it was quite invisible.

UPDATE – I managed to finish my 6 weeks program with MaleEdge extender and my results was more noticeable after week 5. I felt heavier and thicker when I got hard. I grew over half an inch after 5 weeks, and another 1 ½ centimeter after my 6th week was over.

But the results were not permanent. I stopped using the device for 2 weeks and my dick shrank by 2 centimeters. This was expected because the permanent results from ANY kind of natural penis enlargement happen over 6 months of practicing the exercises and stretching.

Certainly, much growth for over only 6 weeks is definitely inspiring. Overall, I am happy with the device. It is more cost-effective than other ones on the market. And it can deliver results.

The comfort is not its main feature despite what the company says. I’ll give it an 8/10 in terms of comfort when compared to Jes Extender or SizeGenetics. But if you are looking to spend less than $200 on a device, then consider Male Edge over those dodgy ones from shady websites.


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