What Makes the Best Penis Pump?

Finding the best penis pump is a challenge these days. There are dozens of options out there and while there are certainly a few top quality products on the market, many of the penis pumps leave a lot to be desired when it comes to design, performance and safety.

Judging exactly which penis pump could be classed as the best one could be considered a very objective task. Certainly, some men will find some pumps more useful and of higher quality than other men. But overall, there are certainly several important factors that can easily be considered as vital features of a good penis pump.

Many times, it is magazines and other publications which attempt to rate and rank penis pumps in order to help consumers make the right choice for them. One such magazine is Sign Europe, which is one of the most well known and popular adult novelty magazines in the world.

In 2012, Sign Magazine Europe named the Penomet as it’s best male enhancement device for that year. One of the top reasons that this penis pump was named as the winner is that it is made from medical grade materials, and not cheap material that can either break down after a year or two of use or worse, pose some serious health and safety risks. The company behind Penomet state that they have designed the device based upon science and undertook significant research and testing before bringing the Penomet to market.

The editor in chief of the magazine, Mr Borgmeier, said that the Penomet was selected due to the fact that “recent discoveries in the past few years and the latest scientific research regarding the male penis, the great team at Penomed LLC have been able to create the Penomet, a penis pump that works as well with water”. You can learn more about Penomet in my review.

penomet wins many awards as best male enhancement product of the 2012

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The European market is notorious for its focus on quality, which is an even more positive sign for the Penomet as the competition is tough and the magazine would have considered a large number of other penis pumps before making their final decision on the winner.

Which other products were contenders in the Sign Magazine Europe 2012 Male Enhancement Device awards? The following were all considered in the judging process:

Each of the above products also have a relative strong following and are generally highly regarded amongst their users and other critics. Pipedream for example, make a number of different penis pumps from silicone pumps to vibrating pumps to travel pumps.

The Dr. Joel Kaplan range includes the Deluxe Hand Pump which costs around $100 and is a rather old fashioned looking pump that is hand operated by use of a pressure release valve. It has a pressure gauge attached to it for close monitoring by the user and the company says that is convenient for travel use.

However, the most likely reason that this pump was not chosen as the winner by the magazine is due to the fact that it does not have the built in safety controls of the more advanced products like the Penomet, and that it is larger and generally less appealing that a water based pump.

award winning product penomet

The Andropenis is one of the most well known and established penis pump products. It has been written about in major media, and is available in a number of different packages including Gold, Gold Premium and Gold Comfort. This is a much more expensive penis pump option though, as the lowest priced package starts at nearly $300. Price is of course one of the other factors that the judges used for the Sign Magazine Europe best male enhancement device 2012 awards.

The Bathmate Pump is a unique product that was also a contender in the magazine’s best male enhancement awards for 2012. Like the Penomet, it can be used in the shower too as it is also a water based pump. The judges would have used the build quality of the pump, its functionality, effectiveness and customer satisfaction to figure out a winner between the two water based pumps, the Bathmate and the Penomet.


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