Increase Your Sperm Volume- Natural and Easy Ways to Boost Your Sperm Production

When it comes to natural semen increasing pills, the main effect you want to see is an increase in ejaculation. With the right pills you could see an increase of semen up to 5 times and you will be enjoying the most satisfy orgasms you’ve ever experienced.

Like most guys you will have seen the male porn stars in action and wondered how they manage to ejaculate large amounts and for such a long time. These guys weren’t born with it, they take volume increasing pills. The most popular pill in the LA porn scene is Performer5. Along with some work in the gym and a viagra, these men become studs, satisfying any women they meet and soaking their partners in semen.

How increase your semen production and sex drive

If you’re from the UK you will of probably heard of the popular magazine ‘Reveal’. Its a magazine providing celeb gossip, health advice and sex advice. In this clipping it gives useful advice on how to increase your sexual performance and increase your semen by eating a diet containing red meat, oysters, peanuts, sunflower seeds, wholegrains, pulses, nuts and greens.

This is fantastic advice which will not only increase your semen production but also improve your overall health. Unfortunately, most people don’t eat a diet rich in those foods. When was the last time you had oysters, pulses or sunflower seeds? Thankfully there is an easier way. Volume increasing pills Performer5 contain all the vital ingredients to improve your overall health and increase semen production.

Swap your regular vitamin supplements for a more powerful and effective male enhancement supplement to experience the real benefits.

How to shoot your ejaculation and not dribble

Are you tired of your cum dribbling down your penis or on your hand when you ejaculate? do you want to be able to shoot your cum further and have more powerful orgasms?

This is a common problem. You’ve had a hot love making session with your partner, shes orgasmed several times and you’re ready to soak her with your sperm. But when it comes to the big moment you end up dribbling the cum on yourself instead of shooting it all over her.

Here are a few things you can do to shoot rather than dribble

  1. Increase your water intake – Enough fluids in your body will allow you to produce more semen.
  2. Space out the times you ejaculate – If you cum 2 – 3 times a day you don’t let the semen volume or pressure build up.
  3. Stand up and aim down – It’s much easier to shoot down and across then up and across
  4. Tease yourself – Use the start and stop method to build up pressure and intensify your orgasm. When you feel like you’re about to cum, stop and hold off until you can carry on. Do this several times before you ejaculate.
  5. Consider buying some volume pills – Natural semen enhancing pills are taken by adult movie stars to increase their orgasm power and semen volume.

What to look out for when buying semen increasing pills

When it comes to buying any kind of male enhancement pill, there are a few things you should be totally sure of. Here are a few essential items to look out for when buying volume increasing pills.

  • Do the products use 100% natural ingredients
  • Have the products been tried and tested with satisfactory results
  • Do they offer a money back guarantee and how long is this for
  • Do they have real testimonials for their products
  • Do they offer support and guidance
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