How to Get Harder Erections

For centuries, we have been looking for ways to get harder erections, to master techniques, and exercises that enhance the erections and the size of their penis.

Most men will go to great length to achieve this objective, with many not hesitating to go under the knife and opting for surgery.

There are many surgical procedures that promise to do the job. But what if there were easier and less painful less expensive ways to do this, would you be interested?

How to get harder erections

There are several exercises that are known to enhance erection in men. Most of these have been practiced over the years.

They are:

  • Yoga: Yoga is an ancient form of exercise. It combines breathing along with postures. Yoga is known to improve erectile performance as it has a dual effect on the body.
  • First of all it helps one to relax. This is an important function as stress can be a great cause for erectile dysfunction. The second aspect is that the postures of Yoga offer a good cardiovascular workout.
  • A stretch and a warm up are essential before commencing the exercises. A brisk walk for 15 minutes is enough to warm up. This needs to be followed by free hand exercises and some side bends. Knee bends is another exercise to improve quads. The various postures of yoga need to be practiced only after getting expert guidance. 

  • Planks: The plank is an exercise that has been developed to strengthen the core of the human body which is the abs muscles. This will indirectly train you to be better in bed. The strength you will develop means better stamina and better focus.
  • These are basically floor exercises. The muscles improve with exercise and become more toned and muscular. When muscles are well toned and healthy they tend to need a large amount of blood supply.
  • The point to be noted here is that the stronger your cardio system means more blood flow to the groin. Therefore, strong abs mean a strong groin and with a strong groin will not have any erectile problems.
  • The Warrior Pose: The Warrior pose is based on the technique that surfers use while surfing. When the surfers stand on the surfboard, a good posture helps to work the muscles and improves strength. The core abs, back, and legs are the three main muscles that tend to get affected by this pose. It involves stretching out the arms, putting one foot apart from the other and dipping the knees. By doing this exercise one can build a stronger groin that will take care of erectile dysfunction.

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  • Kegel Exercises: Doctors say that the muscle that controls the urinary functions also controls ejaculation in men. Those men who suffer from premature ejaculation are advised to do Kegel exercises.
  • This exercise involves squeezing the ‘hold your water’ muscle or the muscle that controls urinary function, for a period of 30 seconds and then releasing it. The same thing needs to be repeated. Doctors advise that this should be done a minimum of 5 times a day. Over a period of time, premature ejaculation can be cured by this method.
  • Cardiovascular Program: A big reason for erectile problems is obesity. Cardiovascular exercises are those that involve a lot of sweating and raising of heart rates.
  • A minimum of 45 minutes of these exercises is good to begin with. A brisk walk should be good. It needs to be done till the body feels warm and begins to sweat.
  • As time goes by the intensity of the exercise needs to go up. These exercises result in an individual getting into shape which in turn takes care of erectile dysfunction.
  • Kick Boxing: In recent times Kick Boxing has been catching up as the most popular way to improve cardiovascular health. This leads to strong six-pack muscles that end up wrapping around the waist like a brace. They safeguard the internal organs and prevent injury. As kick-boxing is also a form of cardiovascular exercise it will help in breaking down of fat. 
  • Jelqing: Jelqing is another popular method that is used to improve penile length and function. The basis of this method is that the size of the penis is increased using massage and milking techniques.
  • One has to grasp the base of the penis slowly pushing towards the head. This ensures an increase in blood flow to the penis as a result of which the penile tissues are broken. When they grow back they are stronger and bigger. Like all forms of exercise, Jelqing should be done only after acquiring enough information on the pros and cons.
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