Erection Fitness Program – Get A Bigger Penis in 120 Days

Imagine being able to add more girth and length to your penis and be able to last as long as you would like to in bed.  What if I told you that there was a program that’s designed to train you and your member to become the only thing on her mind and all it takes is 120 days and some dedication on your part? Would you be interested? That’s what the Erection Fitness is allegedly for in a nutshell. But of course, we’ll go into details so you get a better understanding of what this is.

What is Erection Fitness as a product?

The program is a program with information that has been proven to work. The principles of the teaching in the program involve the work of Dr. Thomas Delorme, M.D.

His work involved helping the veterans from the Second World War who had been injured. His formula was designed to build up muscle strength, improve the quality of connective tissues and ligaments using only holistic approach.

What it differs from other known exercises like jelqing and many others is that instead of focusing on the muscle strength alone, it tackles the supporting parts such as ligaments and connective tissues as well.

The ‘progressive overload technique’ in the program supposedly encourages body’s own ability to regenerate and grow. So the expected results are said to be more rapidly and permanently.

The Erection Fitness program is pioneered and owned by Leading Edge Health. This company seems to be quite reliable because they have a board of advisers comprising mainly of specialist doctors. The company is the leading company in the male enhancement market and has released many other related products since 1999. All their products have received standard GMP certifications. In my opinion that makes this program is more trust-worthy than its competitors.

Let’s talk a little more about its principle…

The ‘progressive overload’ concept is what I’ve mentioned in this review so far. And that’s the main principle of the program. Let’s dig in a little deeper on what it is.

So let’s use the analogy that if you want to work out certain part of your body to make it stronger, you don’t work on the area’s muscles alone. There requires some stretching and strength-training of the close-by muscle groups to be able to support that part right? That’s what the ‘progressive overload’ concept is all about. And when it comes to enlarging penis, it involves 3 parts of it;

  • The Ischio Cavernous (IC) and the Bulbo Cavernous (BC) – This is the part that is responsible for your erection as it controls how rigid your penis becomes. It’s a group of muscles wrapped around the base. So you can imagine the importance of this muscle group when it comes to your erection. In fact, there are studies that show that once these muscles are strengthened and stretched, it results in more penile length, and intensify your orgasms. Plus it also helps with prolonging the ejaculation as well.
  • The Suspensory Ligament – This is the part that connects your penis to your body. If you feel the need to lengthen your penis, this area is what you’d focus on as it shows that by strengthening this area will add ¼ inch to the length.
  • The Corpora Cavernosa – the thick veins on your shaft that are filled with blood when you’re sexually stimulated and as the result, your penis becomes erect and hard. This part controls the thickness of your girth and your ejaculation. Working on this part is what allows better control of your ejaculation as well as adding the volume to your girth.

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What you get when you join the Erection Fitness program

There is a lot of proven information that you’re going to learn from this program. All the methods and tips have been tried and tested with success. They are easy to follow daily exercises. All it needs is a little bit of your dedication and discipline.

Not only that, you will also get the bonus that will be complimenting the exercises and help maximize the results.

So here is the list of what you will receive;

  • 120 day program of daily workout to target those three areas of your penis
  • Clear instructions of all the exercises
  • Videos of the exercise instructions
  • Motivation and how to keep track of your progress

Plus the following bonuses;

  • One month supply of the best-selling male enhancement supplement VigRX plus (this alone is worth over USD $ 77!)
  • One month supply of the best-selling VigRX Oil and Lube (worth US $49.95). Combine this with your exercises for maximum results

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