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What are Ejaculation Disorders?


The most common problem among men is ejaculation disorder. A proper ejaculation process involves neurological and muscular events involving deposition of seminal fluid (in the urine-channel) and the ejection of the fluid through urethral meatus. Any disturbances to the regular and proper ejaculation process either physically or mentally are called as ejaculation disorders. In clinical practice, there are four types of ejaculation problems are identified and they are retrograde ejaculation, pre-mature ejaculation, retarded ejaculation and anejaculation.

Retrograde Ejaculation

This is an ejaculation disorder in men where the semen enters the urinary bladder instead of coming out from the penis during orgasmic session. In many cases, though men reach climax, they ejaculate only little or no seminal fluid. This condition is also called as dry-orgasm.

Retrograde ejaculation does not cause any harm to the health condition but can lead to infertility in male. The major cause for this ejaculation disorder is medications, surgeries or health conditions that affect the muscular regions or nerves that control opening of urinary bladder. Treatment with medications and drugs can reinstate normal ejaculation as well as fertility.

Pre-mature Ejaculation

Pre-mature Ejaculation or PE is the most common ejaculation disorder among men. It is also referred as rapid ejaculation. This is a condition in which the male reaches orgasm rapidly or prior to the wishes of both the partners. PE is only rarely caused by physical problems rather psychological factors play a huge role in causing PE. Anxiety and excessive stimulation are the major causes for PE.

Usually there aren’t any abnormal findings related to PE and the physician can get some useful info only by interviewing the couple or person. PE leaves the couple to be unsatisfied in the bed and sometimes it may lead to a break in their relationship. Relaxation exercises and practices are the most recommended solutions to this problem. Stop and Start, Kegel Exercises and the Squeeze Method are some of the effective techniques employed to stop premature ejaculation. Medications and Creams are also available to treat this condition.

Retarded or Delayed Ejaculation

Retarded Ejaculation is the inability of a male to reach the orgasm (climax) inside the vagina in a timely manner. Usually, the male can reach orgasm while masturbating but not during sexual-intercourse with his partner. This condition has a damaging effect on the relationship between couple, particularly if she wants to have child. The major causes are loss of sexual confidence, anxiety and other mental factors. Medical counseling is the only way to cure this condition.


Anejaculation is a condition characterized by the absence of semen ejaculation. It can be either orgasmic (with orgasm) or anorgasmic (without orgasm). Orgasmic men affected by anejaculation generally reach climax but they don’t ejaculate. Absence of semen ejaculation occurs with both retrograde ejaculation and Anejaculation.

A urine sample collected immediately after sex is examined to distinguish these two conditions. If sperms present in the urine, then it is retrograde ejaculation and if sperms don’t present, it is anejaculation. The most common causes of anejaculation are anxiety, stress, prostrate or bladder surgery, spinal cord injuries. Treatment for anejaculation depends on causes and it includes psycho-sexual counseling, use of drugs and vibrator-therapy.



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